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Jan 27

By Contributing STEM Authors | Ashburn Center , Buy Cheap Very Cheap Sanita Clogs Pila ClogWomens Grey Printed Patent Cheap Sale For Sale Discount Free Shipping Geniue Stockist Sale Online Cheap Buy WRlJ0
, Science Mind

January’s science mind of the month, Luke Han, is a HUGE fan of big tires. Luke, age 7, has been attending Science Cosmos since 2015 and he learned very quickly that, “big wheels make things go faster.” A few observations during his intermediate STEM course were more than enough to instill a need for speed in Luke.

Luke says his favorite project was the “power car” in Intermediate STEM because, “ it moves far by itself and has big wheels”. One of the activities associated with the power car involves having it pull a “load” on a sled of built of legos. Larger wheels allowed the power car travel up steeper hills while carrying a bigger load. Luke’s parents bring Luke to Science Cosmos classes because, “he loves Legos, math and science”. In the future Luke hopes to build Robots that can move. We can’t wait to see what Luke creates when he gets to our NxT – Lego Mindstorms courses!

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Dec 21

December’s Science Mind of the month embodies many of the qualities of any classic superhero: independence, resourcefulness and kindness. Heroic neutron Ella Burks says that if she could assist any superhero for a day, “it would be DC Comic’s Batgirl! I want to help her catch bad people!”. There aren’t any bad guys to catch at Science Cosmos, but Ella channels her inner super hero as she assists other builders in looking for pieces and assembling hard to construct projects.

Ella joined the ranks of Science Cosmos this past summer and she loves Legos almost as much as she loves her tiny Yorkshire terrier, Gertie. Ella has spent the last several months learning how pulleys, axles, and gears can be combined to create the fun animal themed Robots that comprise the Lego WeDo curriculum. Ella knows exactly which Lego components she needs and can assemble them with ease and confidence.

So what does a minute superhero like Ella get out of her Science Cosmos classes? Ella’s mom says, “Science Cosmos has nurtured her creativity, problem solving skills, and has helped her follow step by step instructions. Ella’s mom also hopes that Ella, “can excel further into more advanced classes”. With Ella’s competence and enthusiasm, we are sure she will go far!

Dec 02
Phil Zourzoukis

Science Mind of the Month – NovemberAshburn

Phil Zourzoukis loves Star Wars, and you guessed it, Legos. On Saturday afternoons at Science Cosmos you can usually find Phil enthusiastically building Lego projects as mini-figure versions of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo look on. Phil joined Science Cosmos 2 years ago, and his parents confirm that Phil, “still anxiously looks forward to coming to class each time”. Phil is now working through the extended curriculum of WeDo-a series of extended building projects that require 2-5 weeks of building time and are modeled after real life machines including a tower crane and a forklift.

Photo Credit: How Much Online Free Shipping Footlocker Pictures Sanuk Vagabond Tripper Grain Slub SlipOnMens Charcoal Slub Textile Free Shipping Cheapest Price Cheap Price Discount Authentic 5Fm5cHM

These little insects are most commonly found in moist areas with a lot of vegetation. You can prevent dixid midges by draining wet areas or encouraging fish and other predators. If you are getting a lot of them around your home, then you need to try to improve drainage.

Midges feed on algae and phytoplankton that is present in pools of water. You are most likely to see midges around ponds, swamps, lakes, creeks, and slow moving rivers.

© Henrik Larsson / Fotolia

May fly nymphs are distinguished from mosquitoes by their wings. A may fly has more pronounced wings and can be found near freshwater sources. They are an important source of food for fish and other wild life, so it is good just to leave them alone if they are not causing you too much discomfort. May flies can live in fairly fast moving streams and rivers, so you have likely seen a lot of them before even if you didn’t realize it at the time.

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from top local home service pros in your area.

A may fly has large compound eyes, short, bristle like antennae, and function-less mouth parts and digestive tracts after they reach the winged stage. They have a very short life span but play an important role in the ecosystem.

© Henrik Larsson / Fotolia

These Nunn Bush Cameron 83890 Moc Toe Oxford Comfort GelMens Brown Tumble Buy For Sale Footlocker Online f3o3XliVj6
are hard to distinguish from the mosquito. They feed on plant roots and fungi. If you have a lot of wild mushrooms growing, or you grow your own, then you may have some trouble with these types of gnats.

Large numbers of fungus gnats on a plant can lead to it being weakened if the root system is not substantial enough to deal with being preyed upon. If you enjoy growing shiitake mushrooms or button mushrooms, you will want to get rid of these guys as soon as possible if you want a good crop.

This type of gnat is drawn to decaying organic matter. Compost piles are another common area to see them at. If you must compost consider a closed barrel system to reduce the number of gnats or simply compost further away from your home, so gnats are not as much of an issue for you.

Photo Credit: Katja Schulz

The dance fly is part of a large group of flying insects known as Empididae. These brown fliers are small but have a large thorax and long abdomen. Males are very easy to tell apart from females. They have a strange courtship ritual for such a simple insect. The male dance fly will present a female with a dead fly. After she feeds on the fly, they resume their courtship and breed. These flies are impressive because there are so many types of them although the untrained eye will likely not notice this. The legs are much thicker and longer than that of a mosquito, so that is a feature to look for.

Moist soil and damp areas with decaying leaves and other organic matter are prime spots to find a dance fly population. If you see a suddenly large amount of them in a spot where there was none before be sure to look for a source of water. Sometimes the flow of water changes underground, and this can cause wet spots to appear. This usually occurs when the water table is high, such as after a big storm or several days of rain.

Boston University Center for Professional Education


When genealogical research is used to authenticate an identity, solve a medical mystery, trace property ownership, find lost friends and family, or write accurate historical discourses, the results must be irrefutable.

The Genealogical Programs offered by Boston University’s Center for Professional Education introduce current genealogical technologies and research methods that reflect the exacting standards and investigative best practices used by professionals. Developed in collaboration with—and taught by—some of the premier genealogists in the country, the courses employ lectures, demonstrations, hands-on learning, workbook exercises, practice activities, and open discussions to help students identify and evaluate evidence, design research strategies, and write quality reports.

Genealogical Research Certificate

The Genealogical Research Certificate program leads to a certificate from Boston University, and is excellent preparation for those who seek certification through the Board for Certification of Genealogists ® .

Available online , the Genealogical Research Program covers the following topics:

The Genealogical Principles Course is ideal for serious beginners and hobbyists and enthusiasts who are seeking tohone their research skills. This course also serves as excellent preparation for the Genealogical Research Certificate Program. In this course students:

View the online curriculum .

The program requires prior genealogical experience. It will be assumed that students have spent significant amounts of time searching for multiple generations of a family through record repositories and online sources, then documenting their results. Throughout their course of study, students will be expected to research many genealogical problems and write reports. In addition, candidates should have attended national genealogical conferences or local meetings and queried various genealogical databases and critiqued their content.

Students must be able to complete the following tasks and communicate their findings in clear English: access many websites, work within multiple windows, effectively use web browsers, edit documents, read tracked changes in a document, and upload and download forms, photographs, deeds, PDFs, and census data.

While a bachelor’s degree is not required, we recommend either a bachelor’s degree, or significant related work experience.

Please refer to the section for more information on requirements.

The newly developed seven-week Boston University Genealogical Principles Course includesdetailed instruction and hands-on practiceto:

Boston University Genealogical Principles Course

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