'Black Cancellation or I am Black'

Performed in PERMM Museum for Contemporary Art, Russia. 2011

The dramatic core of this project is generated through the collision of two discourses – the discourse of the Black and the discourse of the Corporality. 

From times immemorial the Black has symbolised the Secretive, the Mysterious, the Mystical, the Withdrawn and the Hidden as well as revealed them through itself. Theology has used the word Apophatica to designate these phenomena which in themselves present a complex structure hidden from the human eye and perceived by us as Nothing or Disappearance. Penetrating, covering and superposing itself on any form of space the Black cancels and removes it from the tree-dimensional typography of the richly coloured external world.

'Mineral Water of High Culture'

Performed in Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Russia. 2011

'Transformation of the Contemporary Artist'

Perfomred in Stella Art Foundation, Moscow, Russia.  2010

For more information (in Russian) please visit: http://www.safmuseum.org/evenings/291/

'Slovo: Russian Lesson'

Performed at: Centre for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, Poland. 2009

'A Woman Is A Woman'

Performed at: Theatre L’Espace Pierre Cardin, Paris, France. 2008, Galata Theatre, Istanbul, 2008

Inspired by the movie “Une Femme Est Une Femme” (A Woman is A Woman), Natalia Mali collaborated with a filmmaker to further develop the theme of Eastern European prostitution and human trafficking. The project was heavily based on research, and took almost two years to complete. The performance consists of several integral parts – pictorial backgrounds, monologue, conversation and set.  

For more information please visit: http://nataliamali.com/bibliography/performance-documentation-pdf-files/

'I Can't Take My Eyes Off You'

Performed in Parco de via Magnaghi Garbatella, Rome, Italy. 2007

The title of this project takes on an ironic glimpse at the issue of ‘love for money’. The performance targets the current and ongoing issue of human trafficking and prostitution, particularly the illegal smuggling of Eastern European women to various parts of Europe. Natalia Mali takes into perspective the peak of prostitution in Italy – women being shipped to Italy and forced into the illegal market of either cleaning for wealthy households, or often times inevitably forced into selling their bodies to make money. 

For more information please visit:  http://nataliamali.com/bibliography/performance-documentation-pdf-files/


'Life In The UK' 

Year of production of photographic series: 2007

Performed at: Zoo Art Fair, London, UK. 2007, Stephen Lawrence Gallery, London, UK. 2009

Natalia Mali’s work, “Life in the UK” consists of two parts – the photographic series and a live performance. The photographic series brings a narrative aspect through a fictional character, whereas the live performance piece encourages the audience to actively participate in the work. Often adopting diverse approaches in the presentation of her work, Natalia Mali challenges the audience to unravel the question of “What is it like to become ‘other’: other background, nationality, history, race, culture, religion anthropological form, language, body, sex?”

For more information please visit: http://nataliamali.com/bibliography/performance-documentation-pdf-files/


Circles On The Water

Year of production: 2006

Performed at: Studio N1, London, UK. 2006

'Domestication of Potatoes'

Performed in Petr Voice Gallery, Art Moscow. 2003