'Warriors of Turan'

Photographic Series. Dimentions 110x165 cm. Limited edition of 6/7 + 1 AP. Year of production - 2006-2007

A series of 5 photographic images taken in studio environment. Dressing, costumes, lighting and photography conceived during 2006 and 2007 in Moscow, studio “ZILI”. 

The idea was to make this photographic series took some time to mature. Initially I was carefully studying pre-war photographs of my ancestors trying to grasp the mood and the state of mind of the persons standing in front of the camera. At some point I got an impression that the women on those photographs looked like valiant Djigit warriors whereas the men resembled beautiful and vulnerable young ladies. The atmosphere reigning in that photo studio also reminded me of some kind of theatrical sceen. This special style of making photographs inspired me to make several photographs of various characters positioned in an old and cozy bedroom resembling the one my granddad’s sister used to have in her house in the ancient Caspian city of Derbent.

Photographic Series: Artist Must Be Flexible

Photographic triptych. 60x40 cm. Limited edition - 7/8. Year of production 2005


Photographic Series: Emanation of the Sign 

Photographic triptych. b/w 33x24 cm. Limited edition 7/7. Year of production 2006

The speaking mouth is considered to be the primordial tool of human signification. Modulating sounds by means of the tongue, which in substance is a divine ordering and structuring mechanism, the human begins to perform his mission of illuminating the Universe. The Emanation of the Sign is a photographic work that in an iconographic and somewhat cabbalistic way reflect the process of the primordial emanation of the sign. But it also emphasises the eternal nature of this process by means of which the human being will endlessly carry on illuminating increasingly more distant and deep sectors of the universe.

Mask of Subjectivity 
Photographic diptych 30x30 cm. Limited edition 5/5. Year of production 2010
Shiva In Me 
Self Portrait. Color print. Edition 7/7 + AP. Year of production 2006

The Couple 
Colour print. 110x165 cm Limited edition 6/7 + 2 AP. Year of production 2006.

The Prisoner of Caucasus 

Photographic triptych. Limited edition 4/5 + AP. Year of production 2005
Dreams of Miss Kindness 
Collage, photo montage andp photographic work. Year of Production: 2013
A Window to My Own-Self
Photo Collage, ink, found material Edition 1/3 + 3 AP. Size various. Year of Production 2013